Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Custom Tuttz from Argonaut Resins x Emily Bee

    My wife wants another cat.  She's always dropping subtle hints like "I want another cat" or "let's go to the shelter and get a kitten."  I'm not opposed to it, but I'm already worried that my house smells like pee and I'm just used to it and don't know anymore.  Like when you ride in someone's car and the moment you get in you're hit with the smell of old socks and dead rodents and they're just smiling away, oblivious to the fact that their car makes your sinuses weep.   

    Fake cats are the safest way to add to your feline collection without having to add litter boxes and scented candles.  Emily Bee painted this Tuttz from Argonaut Resins in her instantly recognizable style and is offering him for sale today (Wednesday September 4th) at 1pm EST.  

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