Friday, September 20, 2013

Two New Exclusives from 3DRetro Available Now

    The documentary Planet of the Apes has given us all insight into what our future holds.  Not only is it the first documentary to showcase events that have yet to happen, it's the first ever one that was brought to us courtesy of our eventual understanding of time travel.  We made some crazy advancements in technology before the monkeys took over.  That hoverboard from Back to the Future?  Yeah, we finally figured that one out too.  So we know the monkeys are gonna break out of the labs and enslave us all, so why not be prepared by putting this guy on your mantel.  That way, when they break into your house to send you to the salt mines they'll see that you were a loyal monkey revolution supporter and may choose to not throw poop at you.  SSUR designed these and this army green version is an exclusive to 3DRetro.  Get one now, and avoid getting pink eye from a flying turd to the face.

    The Octopup Revolt, as we all know, was squashed by a malnourished flock of seagulls.  Their little march onto the beach was adorable, but little did they know of the horrors that circled above their little heads.  Pity, as they would have made better leaders than those damn dirty apes.  Nathan Hamill brought some of these back to Singapore just for you, where they were an exclusive at a huge show that you couldn't go to.  Well fret not, because now you can complete your Octopup collection!!!!  All is now right in the world.  Till the monkeys get loose of course, but you knew that.

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