Monday, September 23, 2013

People Find This Site in the Oddest of Ways


Yes, this is indeed The Toy Viking headquarters.

    Looking at the data for how people stumble upon this website is kind of interesting.  Three people found me by doing a Google search for "plastic balloon animals."  One even made his way here with his inquiry about "cool mickey mouse graphic designs."  My favorite though, has to be the handful that did a search for "google" and somehow made their way to my little corner of the internet.  A dozen or so have found me through a few different Russian sites that probably now have me on some sort of government watch list.  Speaking of Russia, Sharon and I just watched a documentary called Miss Gulag on Netflix, that is about a beauty pageant held in a women's prison in Siberia.  Women is prison there are a lot different from the ones in the United States.  For example:  Those Siberian girls looked like they were doing an artsy fashion shoot for Vogue and not doing time for attempted murder.  While in the United States, I am scared of any woman that has been incarcerated due to their facial scar collection and the fact that they could probably take me.  When I used to work in the mall we would get groups of women from a local half way house and the way they would give you the eye reminded me of when two cartoon characters are starving in the desert and one of them begins looking like a turkey diner to the other.  But they don't let cannibals live in half way houses do they?  I figure if you partake in eating another person you are probably stuck in jail forever.  Maybe it was because I have a beard and it was the most manly thing they'd seen in awhile.  Call me old fashioned, but I'm leery of someone winking at me with a tear drop-tattooed eye.  

   I can't remember if I had a point to any of this at all.  

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