Tuesday, September 3, 2013

DamGun Bots from Kidrobot

    This is probably the best release of the Kidrobot mascot figure I've seen yet.  What's cool about it is that it comes in pieces and you get to put it together, kinda like those Gundam kits that these were obviously inspired by.  You can snap all the armor together and they come with stickers to decorate and whatnot.  I remember being all excited when I was a wee viking lad at getting a huge new toy, putting it all together myself, and then dreading the ominous sheet of stickers.  This wee viking lad was also a perfectionist and if I didn't get those suckers on perfect I was right pissed.  Maybe I'll get someone to help me with these while I supervise.  These 3 inch mech robo warriors are available September 12th for $14.99 each.

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