Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hot Pink Resin Mao Bust from Frank Kozik

    There are an abundance of sparrows flying past the house today driving Icarus crazy.  He's sitting in the window making his little chirpy noises that could either mean "Come here birdy friends and lets snuggle" or "You would taste delicious with a nice balsamic reduction and side of micro greens."  I'm still waiting for my Rosetta Stone disc on cat language to come in the mail.  

    Or he could be trying to tell them about this new hot pink resin Mao bust from Frank Kozik.  It is his second favorite terrible world leader, trailing only behind Oprah.  He really wants his little green hat with the red star as he said people would take him more seriously with a nice cap.  Fifty of these were made and they will be $50 each when they go on sale tomorrow, September 27th, at noon Pacific time at

This is his excited face as he now thinks he's getting a hat.  I need to stop typing out loud.

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