Thursday, September 19, 2013

NYCC Exclusive Pop! Vinyls from Funko x Fugitive Toys

    You know what's great about Pop! Vinyls?  I never feel guilty about buying them.  They're like those fun size candy bars that you keep eating cause they're small and before you know it you ate the whole bag.  Every time I see one of these guys that I want I just buy it because the price is always good and you never feel like you could have used your money for something better, like your electric bill.  

    Fugitive Toys will have three exclusives from Funko's ever popular line of figures for this year's New York Comic Con.  There will be a metallic Batman Beyond (which I need, a New 52 Nightwing, and that same Nightwing only in a metallic version.  Buy one, buy them all!  No need to hold back, because they're more affordable than buying a hot dog in the Javitts Center. 

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