Thursday, March 7, 2013

Android Lucky Cat Series from Shane Jessup

    We all could use a little more luck in our life.  Maybe you need some extra help getting rid of that mysterious rash that popped up seemingly out of nowhere.  Maybe you need to win the lottery and pay off that scary Italian guy before he can fit you for concrete boots and introduce you to the bottom of the local fishing hole.  There are always a plethora of reasons we need lady luck on our side, so having a box full of these guys scattered around the house couldn't hurt.

    These Lucky Cat Android figures were designed by Shane Jessup and come packaged in nice little window boxes so you don't have to buy 30 of them to get the ones you really want.  Everybody that sells cool toys is now taking orders for these kitties and they will ship out in a few weeks.  So hopefully that rash doesn't spread and that lasagna you made for Vinny Knuckles will appease him long enough for you to have these delivered and their magic powers to kick in.  

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