Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Megaseth from Lisa Rae Hansen x fugi.me

    We've all seen dudes like this at shows.  He has tour t-shirts older than you are.  He used to roadie for Motorhead in '86 before they got fired for getting more groupies than Lemmy.  He is the world's biggest metal fan.  Megaseth is the original disciple of loud guitars and songs about wizards and now he can come home with you to guard your record collection against infiltration by the likes of Justin Bieber.

    Created by Lisa Rae Hansen and produced by fugi.me, this resin figure is limited to 10 of each version at ToyConUK; one at Lisa's (I Break Toys) booth and the other at the fugi.me booth.  There is also a special chase version of each figure, so they are blind boxed.  Each one also comes with guitar picks, buttons, mini print, and concert ticket.  If any are left over they will be put on their respective websites.  May the gods of metal shine upon you, or something.

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