Monday, March 25, 2013

ToyConUK Exclusives from The Hang Gang

    Every time I write about this guy I feel the need to remind you that there is an actual animal called a wooper looper and that is it's real name.  Google that sucker and marvel at how cool nature can be.  

    This Wooper Looper was made by Gary Ham and is an exclusive to The Hang Gang at ToyConUK.  Only 35 were made in this color and they also will have 5 unpainted ones that you can make look however you want, or just leave 'em naked and exposed to the elements.  Your choice says a lot about you,  and I won't tell you which one makes you a sociopath.  Bwahahahaha.   

    Of course they didn't stop there.  They also teamed up with Jeff Lamm and Unbox Industries for this exclusive Spike Wad.  Only 10 of these guys were made and they have pink flocking!!!!  So fuzzy!!!  Jeff Lamm will be in attendance so you can get him to sign it, or give him a high five, or buy him lunch.  He's probably down for all of that.  

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