Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wondercon Exclusives from Super7

    Have any of you seen House of Cards on Netflix?  Normally I'm not one for political anything, but that show is phenomenal.  The wife and eye watched all 13 episodes in 2 days, which will tell you how good it is and also how we need to get out more.  The rest of this post has absolutely nothing to do with what you've just read.

    Wondercon is this weekend in Anaheim, and while it is a tad to far for me to drive to, some of you other lucky folks can go and pillage all the exclusive toy releases.  Super7 will be there and will have 3 figures in an attempt to bleed you of your money so that your Netflix account gets cancelled (see, I tied it all together).  I really really really want that Happy Cola Pocket Mummy Boy.  He looks just like that gummy cola candy that tastes yummy as it rips your dental work out.  Only $25 and you can mail one straight to me.  Sure I'll pay you back, maybe before you even have to take me to Judge Judy.  

    Maybe a Glowing Frost Rose Vampire is more your speed.  Well guess what?  They'll have one of those waiting for you.  It won't have your name on it because that would deface the figure, but you'll be able to tell it's yours when you hear it whispering the lyrics to your favorite Taylor Swift song.  Again, only $25.  I'm sensing a theme here.  

    "You know Chris, I'm more into collecting anthropomorphic ice cream cones than anything, it's a shame that they don't cater to my interests."  Don't be silly pee pants, of course they have that.  And why not make it pink and glow in the dark, just to throw and extra bit of something something on there for ya?  Done.  "But I only have $25 in my budget the whole convention."  Let me see what I can do for you, oh wait, done.  I actually had nothing to do with any of it but I will take the credit.  Visit booth #1166 to buy cool stuff.  

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