Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dead Kozik Bust Kickstarter from Kevin Gosselin

    I can't tell which is scarier:  the fact that I could buy this or the fact that I'm seriously contemplating buying this.  I'm a Kozik fan no question, but I never thought about putting his rotting mug on my grand piano before.  But Kevin Gosselin did and he created this in tribute to the godfather of rock posters and nicotine addicted bunnies.  And people couldn't be more excited.  His Kickstarter campaign to get this produced as a full fledged vinyl bust has taken off since its start a few days ago and it looks like this will become the must-have home decor item for toy nerds in 2013.  

    The first colorways of the bust will be in red and glow in the dark.  Both are exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign and will be made using the same factory that produces all of Kozik's famous busts of questionable world leaders.  The dead man himself is even doing all of the artwork for the boxes.  This may be the strangest vinyl toy ever produced of a guy who makes vinyl toys who is still alive but is depicted as being dead.  Ok, I'll guarantee it is.  

    You can support this campaign and get one of these to complete your serial killer-like shrine or you can donate as little as $10 and get a sticker pack to plaster his face all over your Nissan.  Check it out by clicking here.  

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