Thursday, March 28, 2013

Libertas Resin Skulls from Jon-Paul Kaiser x Tru:Tek

    I would like to refine my collection a bit.  Or maybe just start a new collection, as that seems much easier and plays into my hoarding tendencies.  I want to collect art skulls.  How cool would it be to get a nice antique cabinet and fill it with nothing but brain shells?  So many have been released recently that it would be pretty easy to do, and this is where I would want to start.

    Jon-Paul Kaiser got together with Tru:Tek of Man-E-Toys to create these Libertas skulls.  These will be available at ToyConUK at Jon's booth (which he is sharing with Richard Page of UME Toys).  There are 10 of the regular version available for £65 and only 5 of the Scribed version for £80.  These guys are stunning and if you're able to pick one up you should email your address so I can come rob, I mean visit, you.  I'll bring cookies.  

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