Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wondercon Exclusives from Jesse Hernandez

    That's some serious shine coming off of these figures.  Jesse Hernandez and Kuso Vinyl are trying to add some treasure-worthy items to your collection this weekend at Wondercon.  You're gonna need some lasers, a few nasty guard dogs, and a crack security team to keep these safe.  Only 15 of each were made and they will retail for $130, which is nothing when you think of what Indiana Jones is gonna go through to try and steal them.  

    You don't think Jesse would come with just two exclusives?  Thats not how he rolls.  He comes with an entire Uhaul truck of goods.  This Jaguar Knight from Pobber Toys is an exclusive to Bait and they will release 15 of them per day at booth #1173.  And it glows in the dark.  And it does your taxes.  Only one of those things is true.  

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