Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fossilized Morrow from Taylored Curiosites

    When I was in kindergarten I was positive I was going to grow up to be an archaeologist.  I was going to travel the world and dig up dead things for fun and profit.  It seemed like a great plan, but then I thought "I should really work retail instead, it seems more lucrative."  No one said I was the best at making decisions.  

    Taylored Curiosities is taking the leg work out of searching for ancient corpses by creating these Fossilized Morrows.  They're weird critters who lived a long time ago and have now left behind little hints of their existence.  Each one is hand made and comes with a miniature book explaining their story.    If you would like one that's more personal you can even create your own to order.  They're available now at

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