Thursday, March 21, 2013

Reason I'm Slacking Today: Tomb Raider

    I can't be productive every day of my life can I?  Add to that a foxy treasure hunter with an English accent reminiscent of a teenage Nigella Lawson and rest assured that my responsibilities in life will pass by unnoticed.  Yes, I've gotten my hand on the newest Tomb Raider game and it has sucked me in.  It's like Uncharted but with eye candy.  And she's not just a looker, because 5 minutes into the game she lands on a piece of rebar that pierces her back and pops clean through to the other side.  Does that deter her?  Nope, she just reaches down, pulls it out, and hobbles on.  She didn't call in sick, or sit around in her pajama pants all day, she got things done.  Things like shooting guys in the head with a bow and arrow, and shooting guys in the head with a pistol.  You know, girl stuff.

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