Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Resin Heathrows from Frank Kozik Release Today!

     I guarantee you it will take me longer to write this than these guys will be on sale.  You have to be an internet sniper if you want to buy anything that Frank Kozik puts up for sale.  You have to take the day off from work, eat a lunch loaded with both protein and carbs, and have the nimble fingers of a juvenile factory worker when it comes to typing your credit card number.  I would start training now.

    The brand new resin Heathrows you see go on sale today at noon Pacific time only at  Both are limited to 13 pieces each and come with mind blowing swirly action.  Seriously, I have one of the past editions of these guys and I stared at it like I had been huffing paint fumes my whole life.  The Redrum Edition complete with axe and bad attitude will be $120 while the Blueberry Swirl Edition is an even $100.  Each one is hand made by the man himself and comes bagged with a signed and numbered header card.

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