Monday, March 4, 2013

Death Cap (Amanita Must Scare You) from We Become Monsters

    These guys would make a great PSA for the dangers of taking psychedelic drugs.   I can picture a group of kids sitting in a garage, listening to Black Sabbath (not the Grateful Dead, they are insufferable)  and downing some magic shrooms.  All of sudden they kick in and these guys come swarming down the walls, crawl into their ears and noses, and devour their brains.  Not that those anti-drug campaigns ever work, I just think it would be a cool commercial.  

    These Death Caps are the crazy spawn of We Become Monsters and are available in 18 different random colors for only $22 each.  That's a great price considering each one is handmade and painted.  There are also 4 glow version for $25 each and 4 cold cast bronze dudes for $45 each.  These guys will be available on March 7th at noon Eastern time and each order comes with a free micro slab figure! Get em at 

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