Monday, March 18, 2013

Mini 10-Doh! Series 2 Kickstarter Campaign

     I was fortunate enough to be born at just the right time to fully appreciate the Nintendo when it was first released in America.  I had an Atari before that, but nothing compared to how cool Super Mario Bros. was and the feeling of pride I had when I finally beat it.  Nothing could possibly be better than that.  But games got bigger, the graphics got better, and those old NES cartridges are now either filling up landfills or the collections of video game hoarders.

    Now we can have those memories live on forever with the help of Mini 10-Doh! figures.  These have been around for a little while, as they have done a previous blind box series of the little guys and some bigger pieces as well.  Squid Kids Ink needs your help to make Series 2 a reality and they're offering a butt ton of incentives on Kickstarter that you can get for making this happen.  Pledges range from $10 for a random blind box figure to $10,000 that will get you a complete set of Series 2, a gold set of Series 2,  5 exclusive Kickstarter figures, and a nearly 30 inch figure that you will design yourself.

    Series 2 will feature the artistic talents of Nathan Hamill, Gary Ham, David Horvath, Hydro74, Kano, Shawnimals, and many more!  Check it out and help fund it today by clicking here.

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