Friday, March 29, 2013

Wondercon Exclusives from DeKorner

    So many things are going on at Wondercon it makes me wanna call in sick and hop a plan to California.  Yes, we all know that's not gonna happen, but once the money starts rolling in from this website that's how I'm gonna live.  Flying all over the world and buying toys.  Wait, there's no money in being a toy blogger?  I'm going to shoot my life coach in the face.

DeKorner will be at Wondercon with a ton of exlcusives so let's run down the list of what they have:

    Andrew Bell's Can of Worms from Bic Plastics will be debuting its Bloodworm Edition.  $50 for you good sir.  

    They will also have a special Yellow Gummy Deadbeet set from Scott Tolleson.  You get one full size figure in clear yellow and one mini figure in solid yellow.  Scott himself will be there tomorrow from noon to 1pm to sign 'em for ya.  They'll be $77.

    Attendees will also be able to pick up the new Apologies to Banksy figures for the first time in the US. These are 3d interpretations of some of Banksy's well know stencil work.  Visit the DeKorner at booth #1179.

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