Friday, March 29, 2013

Papabehr Kickstarter

    Most of the time when you rip the head off of a toy you get thrown out of Target for scarring children.  For some reason people have a thing against plastic decapitation, but pretty soon that's gonna change because of this guy right here.  Meet Papabehr, a crazy, mechanized mammal that is hiding a USB drive in his neck.  Just pop his head off and store all your important documents/pictures that will prevent you from ever holding public office.  And of course they'll be safe there, cause this bear has a sword and a hug shoulder-mounted gun thingy.

    If you want one of these for yourself you gotta help make him a reality by checking out his Kickstarter page.  We all know how these work by now:  there are different levels of pledges you can make and different rewards that go with each one, like t-shirts and art prints.  So check out their page here and get this dude funded.  

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