Friday, March 1, 2013

Keep Watch Bank from Mishka x L'amour Supreme x Blackbook Toy

    I'm bad at saving money and I'm not sure this would help.  While this is a giant eyeball piggy bank I cant see myself dirtying it up by actually putting change in it.  It would be a good place to hide other stuff, like your internet passwords you can't remember, or that map of where all the bodies are located so you have some leverage when the police come knocking.  

    Yes, you read correctly, this is the best piggy bank the world have ever known.  It is of course the Mishka "Keep Watch" logo eyeball thingy and it was designed by L'amour Supreme and produced by Blackbook Toy.  Your first chance to get one of these will be at the 3rd anniversary of the Mishka Tokyo store on March 9th.  If you can't make the trek out to Japan you can buy one online March 11th from  See how easy I make this for you?  All you have to do is pay for it.  

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