Tuesday, March 12, 2013

ToyConUK Mascot from The Hang Gang, A Little Stranger, and Unbox Industries

    Would anyone run from this guy if they saw him tearing up their town?  I mean, he's downright cute, so I think people would try to pet him.  Kinda like when tourists go to Yosemite National Park and they feed the bears from their cars.  "Look honey, the cute little bear likes Doritos too."  But they never realize that the bear likes Doritos so much that it will smash all your windows in and mangle your children to use as salsa.  The moral of the story is, no matter how cute something is, unless you're positive you can beat it in a fight don't try and snuggle it.  That same philosophy applies to women too, fyi.

    This prehistoric dinosaur bro is the mascot for the upcoming ToyConUK.  He was designed by The Hang Gang, sculpted by A Little Stranger and produced by Unbox Industries.  If you're lucky enough to be attending the event you can pick up one of them or you can get a DIY version in which you have to do all the work yourself and if you screw it up you have no one to blame.  Any left over after the event will go up for sale online, but since there's only 100 of the one you see here, you might wanna call up any English friends you have and beg for their help.  

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