Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Brandy Edition Chester Runcorn from Doktor A and Kuso Vinyl

    Mustaches are everywhere these days.  The wife and I went into a bookstore last week and near the register they actually had an entire section of products dedicated to ye olde flavor saver.  Magnets, t-shirts, button, just about anything you could imagine.  And this was at a bookstore, which struck me as even weirder.  I should have known not to expect better when they let the Jersey Shore cast write books and people were actually excited to read them.

    This dapper gent is Chester Runcorn from Doktor A.  He's been released in many different colors before, all named after various libations that lead to the listening of jazz music and hedonism.  He's on sale now at and for a meager $65 he will fancy up your joint with his jaunty hat and English accent.  

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